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AESIR Group & the SAS Team

In 2022, ATM Inc -- the fastest growing environmental services firm in the US -- partnered with AESIR Group to conduct specialized inspection and data collection in critical, difficult service areas. Advanced Environmental Safety, Inspection and Research Group (AESIR) works closely with emergency services, public utilities, and municipalities to prepare for and mitigate disasters including wildfires. AESIR Group's unique teams of environmental, safety and research specialists are poised to support the identification and removal  of threats to the safety of our communities. 

The SAS Inspection Team mobilizes to high-risk areas in remote and steep terrain to identify hazard trees for removal a part of the state's wildfire prevention program. Steep Angle Safety Inspection techniques are also used to conduct skilled environmental data collection in high risk areas.

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Why Steep Angle Inspection?

Many areas in California and other Western U.S. states are unsafe to traverse without a trained, certified steep angle inspection team. These "hazardous terrains" are often located in remote areas; and include utility facilities that traverse canyons or can only be accessed on foot by descending steep or treacherous slopes, or by aerial (helicopter) drop. As an alternative to expensive and dangerous aerial drops, Steep Angle Safety specialists use state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to access remote terrain. As a commitment to safety, SAS team members are certified in both anchor and rope safety and emergency medical techniques.  

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Steep Angle Safety Inspections


Watch our Steep Angle Team Video below:

SAS Team Certifications 
& Safety Precautions

  • ISA TRAQ (or qualify in the next 12 months)

  • Wilderness First Aid Certification 

  • Rope Safety Certification

  • Additional Certifications:

    • Emergency Medical Technician

    • Federal Aviation Agency (FAA) Drone Operators License

    • Search and Rescue Technician

  • B.A. in Forestry, Environmental Sciences, or related degree

  • A.A. in a related degree program with 3 years experience in VM inspection 

  • Two Years minimum experience in VM Inspection 

  • Military experience

  • Medevac / emergency services standby


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