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Certified Arborists & Tree Care Experts

We are hiring!


Due to the number of applications we are receiving, you may get a bounce back when you email your resume to HR. 

If you run into issues emailing HR, please message us to let us know via the website (see link below), by LinkedIn or Facebook. 

We are accepting applications in person at our Merced office. You may also share a link to your resume via Microsoft 365 or Google Drive. 

Ready to join a Best-in-Class company with room to grow your career?



Vegetation Management Inspectors, ISA and TRAQ Arborists, Project Management Specialists, Data Management Specialists, Administrative Support Personnel




American Tree Medics is a best-in-class vegetation management consulting firm (PGE Dec 2022, Inc500 2021).  We have been in the top 500 fastest growing companies in the U.S. for three years running. And there is a reason for that.

We don't just work in the vegetation management industry. We work with purpose to improve the industry, to improve the safety of our communities and to improve the health of our state's wildlands.  We believe that trees are valuable and forests are sacred. We believe the importance of maintaining healthy trees and healthy forests is second only to the safety of our communities.

If you want a career, not a job, that is a part of a team with a purpose, American Tree Medics is it. We are looking for candidates who push themselves to advance, who love adventure and challenge, who have the potential to be great leaders (whether in our company or in their community). We believe strongly that its our employees who are the ones who set the standard of work and who drive the culture of the company.  

Because of the hard work and dedication of the entire Tree Medics team, our company consistently maintains its best-in-class status among our clients. So, if you are looking to join a team that values and rewards your integrity, grit and dedication to making a difference, give us a call.  

Call today!


(209) 303-8729

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1748 Miles Court, Suite 
Merced CA 95348
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Stop! Read This First!

Trees are living plants that add value to property and are an important financial investment. 

The cheapest option is not always the best option. Hiring the wrong person can cause irreparable damage to your trees and cost you more money in the long run.

Tree Care should be performed by Certified Arborists and licensed professionals trained in safe work practices.

Certified Arborists must pass rigorous comprehensive testing and must maintain their credential by ethical and industry-approved techniques. 


Certified Arborists are educated

and trained in: 

  • Proper tree pruning recommendations

  • Diagnosis of diseases, pests and environmental factors that put trees at risk of declining health or death 

  • Scientific treatment and risk mitigation

  • Tree biology 

  • Species identification, selection, and characteristics

  • Maintaining proper horticultural conditions in the landscape 

  • Tree hazard evaluation 

  • Recognizing construction impact on trees 

  • Knowledge of safe work practices

  • Knowledge of carbon sequestration, water use and runoff retention, soil composition, etc.

Safety Commitment

Our top priority is safety--

this includes the safety of our employees and the people, properties and communities we serve.

Every Tree Medic on staff maintains professional certifications and attends in-house safety trainings.

Tree Medics

know how to do their jobs, 

love what they do, 

and do it well. 


Got Trees?

Come see us!

1748 Miles Court Suite A

Merced, CA 95348

Prefer email?

Customer Service@

After Hours/ Emergency Lines Only

(209) 573-0299 or (209) 617-1506

(209) 303-8729

American Tree Medics Inc Consulting Arborists

Let our expertise save you time and money on your next tree survey, inventory or environmental data collection project.

American Tree Medics (ATM Inc) helps municipal, county and public agencies manage and maintain public forests and tree inventories. Our ISA & TRAQ-Certified Arborist, Registered Professional Forester, GIS, and Environmental Specialist Teams conduct tree surveys, forest inventories, hazard tree identification projects, and urban forest management programs.


Specializing in Safety
ATM Inc's Safety Program is designed both for the safety of our employees and the safety of the people and communities we serve. This team's commitment to excellence in safety standards has made ATM Inc one of the safest employers in our industry.

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